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    Pyrethrins 50%

    • CAS NO8003-34-7
    • Brand dsy
    • AppearanceLight yellow transparent liquid
    • purity50%

    【Delivery Port】SHANGHAI 【Minimum order quantity】1KG 【Terms of Payment】L/C D/A D/P T/T 【Packaging Specifications】1kg aluminum foil bag /25kg board barrel/packaging according to customer needs

    1. Detailed information

    [Product Name]  pyrethrins
    [The Source ] The inflorescence of pyrethrum.
    [Purity] 50%
    [Density] 1.04g/cm3
    [Refractive Index] 1.45
    [Molecular Weight] 700.9
    [Solublility] Soluble in ethanol, ether Sol in petroleum ether (less sol than pyrethrin I), kerosene, carbon tetrachloride, ethylene dichloride, nitromethane.In water, 9.0 mg/l (temperature not specified)
    [Appearance] Light yellow transparent liquid.
    [Boiling Point] 170-200
    [Flash Point] 75℃
    [Storage temp] 2-8°C
    [Detection Method] HPLC
    [Methods of Manufacturing] Pyrethrum concentrates are made by extracting the flowers of Chrysanthemum cinerariaefolium and C. coccineum with petroleum ether, acetone, or acetic acid; these extracts are purified from waxes by reextraction with nitromethane or methanol and by adsorption on activated charcoal to produce a 25% pyrethrum concentrate. /Pyrethrum/Prepn by reconstitution from pyrethrolone and chrysanthemic acid. /Pyrethrins/
    [Brand Name] dsy
    [Free samples] availiable
    [Customs pass rate] 99%


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