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    Lycopene 5% 10%

    • CAS NO502-65-8
    • Brand dsy
    • AppearanceReddish-brown powder
    • purity5% 10%

    【Delivery Port】SHANGHAI 【Minimum order quantity】1KG 【Terms of Payment】L/C D/A D/P T/T 【Packaging Specifications】1kg aluminum foil bag /25kg board barrel/packaging according to customer needs

    1. Detailed information

    【CAS Registry number】502-65-8
    【Molecular Formula】C40H56
    【Molecular Weight】536.88
    【Appearance】Reddish-brown powder
    【Density】0.888 g/cm3
    【Melting Point】172-173℃
    【Boiling Point】660.9 oC
    【Refractive Index】1.53
    【Flash Point】350.7 oC
    【Stability】Heat sensitive - store at -70 C. Combustible. Incompatible with strong oxidizing agents.
    【Detection method】HPLC
    【Quality guarantee period】24 month


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